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Semi-centrifugal Duct Fans:

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ERM  Semi-centrifugal Duct Fans

Application examples
• Commercial premises
• Canteens
• Air extraction systems
• Workshops
• Workplace air extraction systems

• Supply of smaller air volumes at medium resistances
• Installation in DN100 - DN280 ventilation ducts
• Reduced space requirement due to compact dimensions
• IP54/IP55 protection for horizontal installations or downward airflow
• Inlet and outlet side connection couplings
• Semi-centrifugal impeller, favourable flow technology
• Intake equals outlet - simple installation

• For commercial use: durable, powerful and robust
• For ventilation or air extraction, depending on installation direction
• Can be fitted in any position
• Up to 1200m3/h.

• ERM15: shaded-pole motor, not speed controllable
• ERM18-ERM28: capacity motor, speed controllable
• Operating capacitor in terminal box ready to be connected
• Thermal overload protection as standard
• Robust motor with ball bearings, maintenance-free

Electrical connection
• Externally fitted terminal box with cable guide bushes

Air flow direction
• Airstream and rotational directions are indicated by arrows marked on fan housing

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